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   Rothschild Learning Services
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By making use of today's communication technology, new site will make RLS services available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

YES!!!--you can still access the RESOURCE ROOM with its HUNDREDS of links to carefully previewed sites offering valuable help and rich learning experiences for educators, homeschoolers, families and kids!

2778 Cumberland Blvd.
Suite 348
Smyrna, GA  30080

What is successful learning?

What is efficient learning?
Successful learners are able to . . .

Receive information accurately
Record that information in memory
Retain it over time
Relate it to other facts or concepts
Retrieve it quickly when needed
Report it using effective oral or written communication                                   
 © 1994 Marcia D. Rothschild
Efficient learners are able to . . .

   Assess what must be learned
   Break the task into manageable steps
   Choose and use an effective learning  method
   Develop a way to accurately evaluate progress
   Estimate and manage time and energy
   Follow-up with periodic review
     © 2000 Marcia D. Rothschild

I need to know what sort of evaluation my child should have.
Once in a while I have trouble teaching a particular concept to my homeschooler.
I need help for a student who finishes the work,
but loses it or forgets to turn it in.

I wish I had some exciting new lesson ideas that would ignite my students' interest and imagination.

I want to find adaptive strategies that really work for my special needs student.

I would like suggestions of books and other materials to enhance my personal and professional development.
I want tutoring for my child, but our schedule
is too full.

My child uses ADHD as an excuse for bad behavior.
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Help Save
Young Lives

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